Become an Exporter

April 6th, 2017

Farrah Rose – Director, International Developmen



Make Your Business an Exporter – We’ll Show You How

You will have noticed that becoming an exporter seems to be the current hot topic in business. But what is an exporter? Simply, a business that sells its products or services in other countries. It’s no more complicated than that and is actually easier than you think, with a little experienced guidance. Every day The International Franchising Centre helps all sorts of businesses to become exporters using a franchise strategy, often finding local investors in overseas markets to carry the costs of expansion.

There are a number of hot markets for UK brands at the moment and combined with a favourable exchange rate, there has never been a better time to look overseas. Our unrivalled international research data and contacts will be used to help you pick out the best markets to grow your business in.

Could your business grow internationally through franchising? Get in touch, let’s have a chat and I’ll explain the basics and answer your questions. Call me now on 01904 561598 or email me here.

Best regards,

Farrah Rose
01904 561598

P.S. Could your business be franchised internationally? Take our Quick Test.

Of Course I Trust You.

March 28th, 2017

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP



You Trust Your Franchisees, Right?  

Are these important to your business? How your brand is represented, customer service standards, customer experience, customer complaint resolution, brand reputation and so on…  You one hundred per cent trust all of your franchisees to deliver all of these critical aspects of your business for you, right?

Just in case you didn’t answer that question with a resounding “YES!”, do you fancy learning some new ways to keep an eye on things without making your franchisees feel like Big Brother is watching them? Then you need to be at this training workshop:

May 2nd – How to Monitor Franchisees’ Performance. Read overview. Watch short introductory video.

Book now by emailing us here or call us on 01904 561598.

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Paul Monaghan
The Franchise Training Centre
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P.S. Full 2017 training workshop calendar here.


Don’t Miss Out

March 23rd, 2017

Don’t Miss the Early Bird Discount      (+150 QFP Points)

It’s here again! The 2017 Franchise Conference and Supplier Showcase takes place at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham on Tuesday 3rd October (easy to get to, easy to park). Early bird tickets are reduced from £69 to £55 plus VAT, so book now.

Never been before? Here’s what others thought of the event:

“Real value today and time well spent. Want to go back now and put some changes in place!”  Frederick St George, Raring2Go.

“Amazing day, beyond expectations.” Johnathan Edwards, Alfresgo.

“Very informative, very welcoming – thank you.”  Ashleigh Fitzgerald, Antal.

“A very positive and refreshing event.”  Bill Owen, Hungry 4 Success.

“It was great being able to meet so many suppliers.” – C. Gallone, Gallones Ice Cream.


For more information and to book click Franchise Supplier Showcase, call us on 01904 561598 or email us here.

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Brian Duckett
The Franchising Centre
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Your Most Difficult Challenge

March 15th, 2017

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP


Your Most Difficult Challenge?

One of your key tasks as a franchisor is the ongoing job of trying to get into the minds of your franchisees, find out what motivates them individually and then come up with new ways to keep them motivated. (It benefits you as much as them if they perform well!) That sounds obvious doesn’t it, but of course, “Coming up with new ways to motivate them” is probably one of the most difficult challenges you face.

Let us help you. Our forthcoming training workshop is aimed specifically at this challenge. It will help you understand what motivates individual franchisees and give you lots of new ideas for keeping them motivated. It takes place in Warwick on Tuesday 28th March and costs just £345 plus VAT.

How to Motivate Franchisees Workshop Read overview. Watch short introduction video

Book now by emailing us here or call us on 01904 561598.

Best regards,

Paul Monaghan
The Franchise Training Centre
Tel: 01904 561598

P.S. Click 2017 Training Calendar to see our full training programme.


The Franchising Centre Powers Up Training Division

March 6th, 2017

Laura Harvey-Smith
Head of Training

The Franchising Centre is delighted to announce that Laura Harvey-Smith has joined their training division, The Franchise Training Centre. This marks an exciting new drive in their “Training for profit” philosophy.

Laura explained “Training is an investment by a business in its people. It has many benefits such as demonstrating to staff that they are valued and giving team members more skills and confidence to their job. These are essential for team building, morale and engagement. But like all investments, a business can still rightfully expect to see a financial return on money invested in training. I will be delivering training to franchisor teams that lead to tangible results, like increasing the number of franchisees recruited and how to guide franchisees to increasing their turnover and profit. In addition, I will be providing essential franchisee training, particularly focusing on sales skills.”

During fifteen years of working in franchising and owner managed businesses, Laura has developed a unique insight into how training can be used to have an immediate and lasting impact on profitability. Laura says “I keep delegates focussed on the practical elements of their learning that will have an immediate impact on their business, and at the end of every session, I ask delegates to write down the three things that they will implement tomorrow!”.

You can view the full range of franchise training workshops and dates available at 


I’m earning as much as I want to….

March 2nd, 2017

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP

That’s what you probably hear from those franchisees who have reached their ‘comfort level’

They may not use those words but you know it’s what they mean

And that’s what franchisors consistently say is one of the key constraints to growing their business

Alongside Franchisee Recruitment, the ‘comfort level’ issue is one of most franchisors’ biggest headaches

So, what can you do about it?

You’ve probably discovered that simply encouraging the reluctant franchisees to sell more just doesn’t cut it

But is that the wrong approach? Could you look at it another way?

Without wanting to state the obvious, why not concentrate on encouraging them to increase their profits?

Not necessarily to earn more now, they already say they are earning as much as they want,

But to build the exit-value of their business

I’ll bet many of them are relying on that for their retirement income

Do they know, for example, that at typical current rates, a pension of around £10,000 a year could require a pension pot of around a quarter of a million pounds

What might their business be worth? Would it provide what they would hope for, or need, in retirement?

They can hardly have failed to hear about the pensions crisis forecast for anyone who is still working

Would the thought of poverty in old-age prompt them to build the exit-value of their business?

Our workshop on How to Motivate Franchisees will provide many more ideas that might help you to get your franchisees to sell more and generate more profit for your business at the same time

Can you spend just over 90 seconds to learn more?

Yes? Then go here

Our workshop at The University of Warwick on March 28th will provide you with strategies to improve performance

Just go here If you need more information or to book a place for yourself or some of your support team

But please do it now as places are limited


Paul Monaghan
The Franchise Training Centre
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We all know you can take a horse to water….

March 1st, 2017

Paul Monaghan DiFM QFP

…but you can’t make it drink.


To continue with the equine theme, we also know that it’s no use flogging a dead horse It’s hard work and produces no results

And yet that’s what most franchisors, I speak to, tell me they do

They, and their support teams, spend disproportionately large amounts of time working with the poorest performing franchisees

Which means that they are spending less time with the top performers

Almost 49 years ago, I joined M&S as a management trainee and quickly learned two things which have stuck with me ever since

The first one, which I learned at the end of my first day, I’ll tell you about later

It was the second one that opened my eyes to what made them a great retailer

Every store was laid out in what was called ‘proportionate display’

What that meant was, that the styles, colours and sizes that were most popular got the biggest displays

They concentrated on the lines that made them the most money

Because those were the lines that more people wanted to buy

So, they made bigger displays so that more customers could see them

And guess what – they sold even more

So, if you and your team are concentrating on the poor sellers perhaps you should be thinking about whether there is anything to be learned from M&S

Over the next four months we have three different workshops that might give you and your team a new outlook on getting the best out of both the good and the less good performers

They each concentrate on different elements of the franchisee support process

How to Motivate Franchisees, Details Here

How to Monitor Franchisee Performance, Details Here and

How to Get Poorly Performing Franchisees to Raise their Game Details Here

Why not take a look and see if we can help grow your Sales and Profits

For more information or to book a place please Go Here

Paul Monaghan
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